Gaia Rynd, Board Member, Communications and Outreach

Gaia has been a member of Unity of Phoenix since 1992 before transferring her membership to Payson.  She has also explored other spiritual paths along the way, but always finds a home in Unity's teachings.  "With all my heart, I endeavor to live the Unity principles everyday.  I find so much peace knowing that though Oneness with the Divine, I have all the power I need to manifest my Good."
Gaia had lived in Payson for 7 years in the 90's and co-founded Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness in 1993.  Planning to merely summer here in 2016, she found a sense of community at Unity of Payson and decided to stay.  She opened a private massage practice in Sept. 2016 where she specializes in medical issues

Ordained New Thought Minister and Licensed Unity Teacher Dr. Lynnette Brouwer has attended Unity churches for over 20 years. During that time she has led book groups, served on a Board of Directors, and volunteered in various other capacities with Unity churches. She brings over two decades of experience as a university professor in the areas of leadership and management, as well as expertise in marketing, project planning and management, service quality and grant administration. Throughout her career she has worked with people of various ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. She is an accomplished public speaker and author.  Lynnette is pleased to be able to bring all of this experience together in service to Unity of Payson.  

Dr. Lynnette feels incredibly fortunate to have discovered Unity before growing her family, which has enabled her to bring up her children in the Unity tradition.  As part of the team that initiated Unity here in Payson, Lynnette holds a vision for this church to be  a vibrant and vital spiritual community, making a difference in Payson and in our individual lives. 

Karen Rusch-Fischer, Treasurer

Rev. Lynnette Brouwer,  Board Member

Debra Bloedel, Board President

Debra was born in Sacramento CA, where she lived until her move to Arizona in 2004. Raised in the Russian Orthodox Church, she had natural love for tradition and ceremony.  Although, as she grew, she found more questions than answers for herself in the church where she was raised. Blessed with a mother that always encouraged her to find her own personal connection with God, and divinely guided to the first of many teachers she would work with on her journey, she found her spiritual path in indigenous teachings. Working with Native American Healers, and Medicine Workers, she has found the tradition and ceremonies that sing to the spirit within her. Introduction to Unity came in 2004 with her move to AZ. It is the Unity principal of faith in action that so much mirrors the indigenous teachings she believes in, that has inspired her commitment to Unity of Payson. It is within this open hearted community she shares those traditions, both as Prayer Chaplain and on the Leadership Board.

After a 23 year career in Hairdressing, as a stylist and salon owner, I retired. I then moved to Florida and managed a Hair Salon for JC Penney's where I retired after 15 years. I found Unity in 1982 and perused the Licensed Teacher program as I was very focused on learning all I could about the Unity Philosophy.  It took me 10 years to get to the point where I could apply for the certification and I decided to apply for the Ministry instead. I was accepted on my first attempt and was very happy to be Ordained in 1999.  
My first assignment was in Myrtle  Beach, South Carolina. I was there for 3 years and decided it wasn't the ministry I wanted. They were not willing to make changes to grow the church.  I applied to Green Valley, Arizona and was hired. We worked together to increase the prosperity consciousness and in three years we were able to build our own church on a 4 acre plot of land. We grew and prospered in attendance and financially. After 12 years I decided I wanted to retire as my wife and I wanted to move to a cooler climate. We decided on Payson and was very happy to find a Unity group here.  I decided I needed the fellowship of 'like minded" people. I helped them become a full status church.
I'm happy to be of service where I'm needed  

Betty was raised in a Catholic home but in her early twenties discovered Science of Mind. It was so much more in keeping with her heartfelt beliefs that she was soon attending retreats and volunteering. After 15 years of growth, she discovered Unity and found a home in 1990. It was a time of great transition and working with the Unity principles was a great support in her growth process.

Betty also lives a very creative life as an artist currently showing in a gallery. Her love of watercolor and the spontaneity of it,  parallels the ebb and flow of life itself. She has also been a massage therapist for the last 27 years giving the gift of not only physical health, but an uplifting message of hope and compassion. 

She is currently on the Leadership Council, Platform Team and the Set Up team on Sunday mornings. She was proud to become a charter member in 2013. The opportunity to serve and contribute while growing herself is what feeds her love of the Unity Community here in Payson.

Betty Daily - Board Secretary

Originally from Wisconsin, Karen was married in a Unity church there.  Her traditional church upbringing was Presbyterian and Lutheran, but she and her mother were attracted to a Self-Realization Church nearby.   That church and, later a Unity Church, had a very positive effect on her mother’s outlook and that, plus Karen’s own positive experiences reinforced the value of Unity teachings.

 Karen choose family over career and she followed her husband through several moves around the country.  While they were in Phoenix, the family ran a collectible stamp business.  As an off shoot, she started making custom mounts to protect collectible stamps.  She had customers all over the world.  She came to Payson in 2009 and found Unity in 2013.  “I had attended many Unity Churches, but when I found Unity here in Payson, it just felt like home.  I wish I had found it even earlier.”Type your paragraph here.

Leadership Board

Maurice Guerette, Board Vice President

Terri Taylor, Administrative Assistant

These members of the Payson community have come together to invest their talents, passion and time to joyfully build a thriving, loving, Unity community, through spiritual guidance.