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Relax and reconnect with a short guided meditation set to music. Silent Unity provides a new meditation each month.


Life-affirming words help focus thoughts and clear the mind. With uPray, you can choose a positive statement to affirm your good.


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Affirmative prayer is a positive, life-affirming approach to prayer.

It's not a practice of begging or beseeching God. In Unity, we do not pray to influence or persuade God to do something. Rather, we believe God is All, and that as spiritual beings, we are one with God. Praying reconnects us with the divine essence of our being, and to focus on God's infinite goodness within us and within all people.

In the Unity of Payson Prayer Ministry, affirmative prayer is practiced as described by the following from Unity Village:

Prayer Ministry

MaryAnn Gardner

Prayer has been an important part of our lives for many years. We treasure our moments of quiet peace to reconnect with ourselves and the Creator of all that is, to affirm the wonder of life itself.

It is a great honor to sit with someone who is perhaps going through a difficult time. At such times we offer prayer support and envision them encircled in love, comfort and perfect health. We know that creative prayer begins with thought and putting thoughts into words. So in affirmative prayer we are co-creating with Loving Spirit.

This is a constant reminder that we are all connected in a very special way, like the many threads in a wonderful tapestry.